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Last week i attended the SENSE OF SMELL congress in Breda, Netherlands. It was a very interesting day, mostly because of the people I got to know!
And as if destiny wanted it like this, the person next to me right at the openings speech was Peter de Cupere… Peter is a Belgian artist, who is well-known for his great smelling art installations.

He has a huge amount of projects that are worth checking out, but for now i would like to tell you about the scented tears project.


Peter De Cupere created a smell-installation called ‘PTDB – Tree Virus’. PTDB stands for Pepper(mint) Tree Dublicate Balls. The installation was presented in a hemisphere, where you can go through. The PTDB-Tree Virus exists of one big peppermint ball, which has a dimension of ø 150 cm. On this peppermint ball grows an old tree, infected with a virus. But its not just an old tree on a peppermint ball… but, most importantly, the room made you cry…


Background: Peter incorporated an intense fragrance of peppermint in combination with black pepper. The smell is so intense that visitors started to cry due to the scent reaction. The idea behind this project is a reflection about half-parasites. Peter says: “The half-parasite needs photosynthese of the sun to survive. The installation also needs the heat of the sun to make the molecules react with each other.”


The exhibition is quite a while ago, but i still wanted to inspire you 😉

I hope you have a great weekend, without tears!!! Yours, Franziska