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Perfumer duo Jean-Claude Ellena and his daughter Céline Ellena compose Hermès“Parfums de la Maison” and also wrote the stories and descriptions behind these.

Hermes Maison

In fact, it was Céline’s unique technique of developing scents through the framework of stories that caused her father to select her for the project. From the beginning, Céline focused on making the scents reflective of the home and all of the things that occur within its walls. She wanted to take the emotion of friends and family at home into consideration. Most importantly, she intended to capture the waking dreams we have late at night in bed or the lazy sunday morning moments.

Jean-Claude & Céline

Jean-Claude & Céline

The designer Guillaume Bardet contributed with his wonderful designs.

“An interior perfume,” says Ellena, “is a scent that we listen to, an olfactory whisper that pushes us to escape.” Perhaps “a scent to be heard” is valid after all.

Hermès’ collection of 5 home scents will be available in select boutiques and outlets later this month.

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