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Launched 4 years ago, Antidote is continually showing innovation in the world of dark chocolate. It pioneered the unique formula of 50% raw 50% roasted cacao, thus retaining the potent nutrients of the beans, with the refinement and flavours of roasted bars. All inspired by Greek & Aztec deities, and aiming to deliver ‘Health Through Pleasure’.


All Antidote bars are unique and powerful in their own way, offering taste bud sensations that have even delighted the board of Great Taste UK. Antidote believes its success is a result of its dedication to sourcing only the highest quality ingredients. Antidote is not only Single Origin Cacao, but also Single Estate. It’s organic and vegan.


Antidote’s Gods and Goddesses are currently dancing on and off the shelves of numerous gourmet and health stores around the United States, and shipped internationally through Antidote’s website.


Funky woman – great concept!!! Good for us 😉